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Soft Silicone Lash Shields

These soft silicone lash shields come in a pkg of 10, you can choose :

  • Baby Blue Lash Shields
  • Aqua Lash Shields
  • Powder Pink Lash Shields

Soft Silicone Lash Shields are the best way to do lash lifts. They can be washed and sanitized. These are especially soft making them easy to adhere to the eye lid without coming off.  One Package of shields comes with a total of 10 Shields with one pair of each of the following :

  • S     Small Lash Shields       
  • M    Medium Small Lash Shields
  • M1  Medium Lash Shields
  • M2  Medium Large Lash Shields
  • L      Large Lash Shields



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