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Nano Mister

The Le Coeur nano mister is petite, sweet and portable. It is not heavy and is USB chargeable. No Batteries! The nano mister produces an ultra fine mist that will provide the perfect balance of moisture. We recommend to use for no more than 3 seconds per eye. The nano mister has many uses. You can use it at the end of every service to soothe the eyes and during service to flash cure adhesive. Also, it is very useful for clients with sensitive eyes.


Eye redness and irritation is less likely to occur with the use of a Nano Mister. The mist is cool and gentle so it sooths clients, especially those who may have a slight sensitivity to the adhesive or other products used around their eyes.
Clients open their eyes revived and beautiful with lashes that are ready to go.
Not having to avoid water for 24 hours is key. It’s one less thing clients have to worry about so it doesn’t disrupt their day, and their lash extensions feel wonderfully effortless, the way it should be.

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