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Couleur Vive™ Classic - Brunette Haze

Vibrant colour for classic design. These vibrant colour lashes come in .15 with multiple lengths in each tray! Every tray comes with length starting at 8mm to 16mm. 

The vibrant, brunette haze allows for you to create a brunette brown set of lashes. You can also use these as an accent in Hybrid lash styles as well.  Each length is perfectly made so that you can choose any size for any lashing needs. With Couleur Vive™ your colour needs will always be met with vibrant contrast or highlight. Mix and match with other coloured lashes from our Couleur Vive™ Classic or Couleur Vive™ Volume line.

Le Coeur Couleur Vive™ Classic comes in .15 + C or D curl.

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