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Classic Duo Tweezers by Steady™

At Le Coeur, we deeply care about the quality of our products. Le Coeur Classic Isolation and curved Tweezers are made by Steady™ using Japanese stainless steel. The quality is shown in how thick the tweezers are. They are strong, durable and difficult to ruin. These tweezers are perfect for the technician that does a larger amount of clients per day, needing durability. The anodized metal makes for a more glamorous tweezer without having to worry about paint peeling off! These are built with integrity!

The Le Coeur Classic Tweezers have a very shiny finish so that when glue gets on them, it will come off very easily.  Try and you will know what it is like to purchase from a company that is all Heart! These sell out fast!

Material : Japanese Stainless Steel

Finish: Anodized

Thickness : medium thickness


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