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Le Coeur Collagen Lip Veil

We are absolutely in love with the Le Coeur Collagen Lip veil. These lip masks come in 3 colours : White, Pink & Gold

Buy one = $3.95

Buy three = $10.40 (3.46/ mask)

Buy five = $15.50 (3.10/ mask)

Buy ten = $25.00(2.50/ mask)

Buy twenty = $39.90 (1.95/ mask)

Buy fifty = $74.00 (1.48/ mask)

Buy one hundred = $100.00 (1.00/ mask)

Pro tips: 

Can be useful if you client tends to talk alot and have their eyes move around as a result.

Can be a great "add on" in an appointment to offer your clients a deep moisturizing lip session while generating more income

Can also be a great item to sell to your clients after they fall in love with the magical way their lips feel after just one treatment!